The Natural Soybean and grain Alliance

The Natural Soybean and Grain Alliance (NSGA) is a strategic agronomic organization providing a platform to encourage, develop and service current and emerging agronomic related industries worldwide with initial emphasis on development of Non-GMO industry opportunities over a wide range of grains. We are committed to partnering with individuals, groups, companies and entities to fulfill this mission and to build the industry that can be competitive regionally, nationally and internationally. We are located in the heart of the Mid-Southern United States, a region of the country where outstanding soybean and rice production exist. Essentially all rice and a substantial majority of soybean acres are irrigated enabling this particular region of the USA to be one of the most consistent production regions of high quality soybean and other grains anywhere in the world.  NSGA has partnered with the leading Mid-South public Non-GMO soybean breeding programs to license unique genetics for differing markets around the world, including both food and commodity grade markets.