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Soybean Seed Available through NSGA

High Quality Non-GMO Soybean Seed
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Sitzer 4.1Soybean Seed
A High Yielding, Indeterminate Very Early Maturing Soybean, our Sitzer 4.1 is a perfect bean for those productive soils with producers desiring to get in early to capture full yield potential. Based on all data, to date, and field production in 2019, Sitzer is expected to perform well across a range of planting dates (early April to July) and soil types. Agronomically, it has tan pods, purple flowers, and was resistant to lodging and shatter at all locations in 2019 (AR and KS). It is a medium tall height soybean with a bushy canopy and has exceptional protein and oil content. Sitzer withstood excessive water at the early vegetative stages at the NE AR location in 2019, becoming one of the top yielding beans across that particular farm. Seed supplies are limited and interested producers should contact NSGA for early purchasing opportunities at discounted prices.
NSGA52C19 Soybean Seed
An Excellent, Superior Yielding, Early Maturing Soybean, NSGA 52C19 is similar to our DrewSoy 5.0 conventional soybean BUT with higher yielding capacity, a stronger disease package (RS to stem canker) and an overall better agronomic profile in comparison. Especially for Arkansas and the remainder of the Southeastern states. Extensively tested over a three year period covering more than two dozen sites, the bean averaged from 64-68 bu/A across the board. It is widely adapted over a wide range of soils, is a chloride excluder and has excellent performance planted mid April to early July. NSGA 52C19 has white flowers, light tawny pubescence, tan pod walls and black hila on the seeds averaging about 3200 seed per lb. Plants are a medium to a medium tall in height, with excellent lodging and shattering resistance. A superior conventional line with an overall excellent disease package.

DrewSoy 5.0 Soybean Seed
The NSGA has licensed another excellent conventional (Non-GMO) commodity grade with superior field and grain characteristics currently branded under the NSGA as Drew Soy 5.0. This variety was developed in the Mid-South using the traditional crossing breeding method. The soybean is a superior yielder with exceptional field characteristics including resistance to root knot and soybean cyst nematodes. And is a chloride excluder with wide adaption over a range of soil types and conditions. In recent testing across six Mid-South and Midwestern States, the variety was equal to, or superior to both Non-GMO and GMO soybeans. Overall, yields (in Bu/A) ranged from 48 to 79 bu/A with an average of slightly more than 60 bu/A. In independent testing in 2017, the soybean line out yielded more than a dozen group 5 and group 4 soybeans. The variety is widely adapted to Arkansas and similar Southeastern soybean production areas with early April to early July plantings.